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  • Mark John Ostrum
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    I am looking to contact the Bensons. This is just too incredible.

    I received the call you describe in the “description” of the book. I did not read it yet, having just bought the book.

    I received the call first in 2004, and started collecting survival books. SAS, US DOD, all the great ones.

    I moved on in my life, as a software engineer. 14 years (Jacob/Laban) they changed my wages (conditions) ten times, never for the better.

    Recently receiving not only the call, but a literal series of either visions, dreams, or imaginations. On the property. Then I find the property by accident, not even looking. A 40 acre Vineyard. Too many similarities to the sufferings in my own life as well as biblical references beyond amazement. Believing God has already given me that property. And more properties as well, to do exactly what the synopsis says your book is all about.

    Then, I’m looking for confirmations in, of all places, the web. Searching specifically on the passage “Flee to the mountains”, because this keeps coming to mind, along with Narrow Gate Difficult Path Salvation. Words of Christ echoing in my heart and head.

    Top of the Google search: THIS BOOK!

    So I bought it.

    Now even without reading it, I feel God wants us to meet in person to discuss. Please reply with contact info. I have hours/days of material I need to cover with you. (I have visual issues due to post-meningitis that prevents me from focusing on words in a book without an enormous amount of pain, so I don’t know if I will ever be able to read it. I hope to find someone to read it with/to me.)

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    That is awesome and exciting to recognize the Lords calling in our lives. I would like to welcome you to this community and am trying to build it up. I believe these forums can be a great resource for many people. To help out, please let me know what type of topics or things that would be useful to you to be able to make better categories for the community.

    I am in charge of maintain the content for the site, so please let me know how I can better organize it for you.

    Mark John Ostrum
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    Thanks for the reply. I mean no disrespect…

    I am certain if God wants us to discuss this, He wants us to discuss it off line in a real inter-personal manner. Before I can commit to joining and being active in any community like this, by Biblical requirements I must test the spirits here. I must get to know you, learn what you know, and teach you what I know – the things directly related to THE CALLING.

    It would be neither wise nor prudent to be involved in a Christian undertaking of this magnitude without meeting privately with the leaders/authors/other recipients, to ensure we are all in agreement with Scriptural teachings, and coordination of vision. If we have any conflict of vision, then something cannot be of God.

    To me this is more than just being part of a survival forum. This is about becoming living witnesses and letting God lead people to us.

    As the one in charge of maintaining the site, please check my profile in your DB and email me privately.

    In Christ’s Service.

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    Hello! This is Donna, Carsenik is our son. He maintains the site for us. I will have him give look up your email address and we will contact you privately. In the meantime, we received our calling around the same time as you. Not knowing how to proceed, God gave me the idea to write a fictional book to share the vision with others. We have not won the lottery or anything, but we work hard and God has blessed us. We may never be able to create the large sanctuary the book talks about, but we sold our home and purchased 12 acres 2 years ago. We are trying to co-op with like-minded people in our own area to prepare for what’s coming. It is our belief very evil times are ahead. We don’t know if it’s the End Times the Bible talks about or just really awful times of persecution against Christian believers. Either way, we are trying to prepare. We can go into further info when we speak. Blessings!
    Jesus is risen!

    Mark John Ostrum
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    Yes! Thank you Donna. I will look forward to hearing from you.

    This is


    In the meantime – this is my ministry … (Seeking Real Truth Ministries on Facebook, – site info mostly from 2004).

    Changing hearts though introspection of my own hidden evils and God’s word.

    He is Risen Indeed!

    Mark John Ostrum
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    links and my ministry name are not appearing in these?

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